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To the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Posted by tildav on June 5, 2009

It was 4am the 4th of June 2009, a cold winters morning, when 78 year old Dr Johan Meyer started his hour and a half journey from Parys to Johannesburg. One of many but sadly his last. Fifteen minutes later a truck driver driving a huge white refrigeration truck drove half on the other side of the oncoming traffic. He so met and collided with Dr Johan Meyer and left Dr Johan Meyer and his little white Hyundai Getz almost unrecognizable. Dr Johan Meyer died on impact.

Dr Johan Meyer was a great man, and now a legend. Learned. He had 4 degrees and almost 40 diplomas in law. He was an advocate, a researcher and an author. He devoted his last years in creating a law compendium for South Africa. He never stopped working, his mind too active, always seeking more knowledge and more insight. He was a widower who never stopped loving and missing his late wife. He was a father of four children and he had a special intimate name for each of them. He was a keen gardener, landscaper and could name plants by their Latin Name. He was physical active till his last day and instrumental in assisting his son to become a known National and International race walker. Most of all he loved God and studied the Word daily in search of knowing God more.

I knew this great man. He was there in my formative years and taught me my first words. He taught me the value of music and we sang together many times. He taught me how to pray and how to love God. He taught me how to appreciate nature and God’s creation. Together we spend many hours debating intellectual matters and sharing each others views on almost everything. He protected me from those wanting to hurt me. He was to me an example of how to truly be great in this life. He was my father, my daddy. This just a tribute to the greatest man I have ever known, the greatest man that ever lived – Dr Johan Meyer, my father, my daddy! I will miss you.


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Vote for Health

Posted by tildav on April 3, 2009

Well politics is just not my thing but we are preparing to have our say by voting on the 22nd April 2009 – so I paid asttention. But who do you vote for?

Party Leaders were keen to be heard on popular Radio Stations for the last couple of weeks to make themselves heard.  And did they make promises! Better education, less crime, better housing, less crime, better living conditions, less crime and off course addressing our Health Issue concerns.

Addressing HIV Aids is offcourse at the top of the list.

The ANC even promises a proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) system – but only within the next five years. COPE denies the HIV Aids problem at first but then promises a comprehensive HIV and AIDS strategy encompassing prevention, treatment, care and support. They also make some noices about promoting “healthy lifestyles” but none of it made sense to me. The DA makes the same noises but propose to add some techonology  for the public to get prescriptions from pharmacy to eleviate bottlenecks. The IFP is stuck with the HIV Aids issue. The UDM supports most of all these but added addressing drug and alcohol abuse. The ID agrees with all of these but wants government officials tested for HIV Aids. The ACDP had a short list offering mostly the same. And the PAC believes that healthcare should be free for the poor. Read the entire article here: http://www.health-e.org.za/news/article.php?uid=20032251&PHPSESSID=533891e969e4c405deca8cc3296fa173

So who do you vote for?

I want to vote for the party that will give me quality of life through good health. A party that will focus on health education and encourage healthy lifestyle changes. That will provide us with accurate health statistics and that will inform us timeously on possible health threats. That will make health care available and affordable to all and will respect my own personal preferences .  I don’t want to get 3rd grade medical treatment just because I am poor. I don’t want to use drugs, I want to use natural alternatives and would like to claim that from my medical aid. Oh and talking about medical aids why are they so expensive and so interfering – when I want a treatment done I need their permission first. I want to live in an environment where health knowledge, resources, and individual preferences are available and affordable to all. Where I can make informed decisions about my own health and have choices available to ensure that I stay healthy and so enjoy quality of life!

Bottomline I want to live a good life, in abeautiful country and I can only do that if I am in good health.  So which party will give me that, guaranteed ( no empty promises)?

Don’t you want the same?

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A Death Trap in disguise?

Posted by tildav on April 2, 2009

“Now this is ‘nice'” was my first thoughts. But is it really?

That is the creation of mobile mammography and breast check educational units, which will travel into communities to educate rural women on the dangers of breast cancer and the values of early detection.  An initiative that was launched by MNet and supported and funded by a host of South African companies.

I am personally driven by a passion to educate and inform others on health issues, especially how to manage your own health. But sometimes I look at these kind of initiatives and wonder if it is for the good of the people or the good of the sponsor. This caught my attention because when you look at the website it is all about who is involved and who has done great deeds – a huge opportunity to receive free marketing and recognition. I couldn’t find any detailed elaboration of the route the truck will follow, how many mamograms they aim to do within a specific time frame or how they estimate this will indeed reduce breast cancer statistics. Maybe I was just clouded by all the marketing hype that I didn’t see it. You try go here: http://www.shoza.co.za/content/view/85/126/

On the other hand there is so many reports available that warns against mammograms and its possible dangers that my second thought was – is this a death trap in the name of doing good for purposes of the economic well being of others? Are we exploiting the threat of a disease as an opportunity to wealth?

Is early detection really the answer? I think not – prevention is. So what causes breast cancer? Simply our lifestyle! These articles from the Cancer Reference Information and eHealth MD are very informative –

Personally I don’t think this Mobile Mammography Unit is addressing the problem – people need information on how to change their lifestyles in order to avoid diseases in general more. And what is really a great concern – will this in fact address a growing problem or create more agony  for those who do not have the means to make informed decisions.

I don’t think Mammograms is the answer. Read some of these articles and see if you agree with me:

What I thought to be a positive move at first seems to be nothing of the sorts. I have the resources to be informed and make informed decisions. Based on that I will not line up – but what about those that just do not know and think that this is for their good?

And maybe it is –  but I say if there is one report that warns against mammograms one should rather investigate the issue and ensure that we are indeed treating  breast cancer for the good without any doubt!

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Health Food Savings

Posted by tildav on March 26, 2009

Health food is now affordable to us all.

According to media reports available you can  now save up to 25% on over 6000 different health products. Only ‘catch’ however is this is only available at Pick n Pay stores –  as from Aprill 2009 you can even get your savings when you purchase health foods online.

Foods included are vegetables, fruits, carbohydrate-rich foods, dairy and dairy alternatives, protein-rich foods, lentils and legumes and good fats such as oils, spreads, nuts and seeds. Discovery Vitality Members qualify for cash back of up to 25% when they complete an online Personal Health Review.

But I guess it is a good start to ensure that we all focus on more healthy food choices. Must admit I would have liked this even more if I could shop at a supermarket of my choice and still qualify for this savings options.

What about supplementation? With all the scientific reports available to date that our food is depleted from the vital nutrients our body’s need supplementation has been recommended, even by medical doctors. Imagine if I can get a 25% saving everytime I purchase my MultiVitamin – the one of my choice that is!

Read more about these savings here:



To see a catalogue of foods that you can save on go here:


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Children Dying vs Taxi Strike

Posted by tildav on March 24, 2009

There has been various reports about children dying of meningitis in the Gauteng area. So what is Meningitis?

Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges, the lining that protects the brain and spinal cord.

It is almost always caused by an infection, usually by a bacteria (bacterial meningitis) or a virus (viral meningitis). In rare cases it can be triggered by a fungus or parasite.

Meningitis occurs most commonly in young children under 5, those aged 17-25 (who often live in close quarters like dormitories and barracks), and people over age 55. People with compromised immune systems, such as people with HIV or AIDS, are also at increased risk.

Some forms of bacterial meningitis can be prevented through immunization but there is no immunization available against viral meningitis. However, routine childhood vaccinations against mumps and polio have virtually eliminated infection from those viruses, which cause the most serious types of viral meningitis.

So this sound kind of scary! What is reallky scary is the, once again the denial, from the Gauteng Health Department, that  there is in fact a problem. According to some reports it is not so bad as last year so don’t worry. Well I say one death from this disease is one death too many. Why are we, as the general public, not being made more aware of the situation. But even more so information like what it is and how to prevent it will be most useful for caring parents who would like to spare their children from this pain and suffering. And of course there is various avenues to spread information like this; schools, creche’s, shopping areas and so.

What is more important today saving a child or electing a new president or reporting on yet another taxi strike; which has been headline news for months now. I say wake-up and concentrate on that which is important – our real future, our children.

See some of the reports here:



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Mercury Warning!

Posted by tildav on January 28, 2009

(NaturalNews) New research published in Environmental Health and conducted in part by a scientist at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy has revealed that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is contaminated with the toxic heavy metal mercury.That means that many of the products using HFCS may also be contaminated with mercury. Carbonated sodas are sweetened with HFCS, as are candy bars, bread, salad dressings, pizza sauce, fruit drinks and thousands of other grocery items.

Mercury is so highly toxic that it causes severe neurological disorders. It can also result in the loss of hair, teeth and nails as well as muscle weakness, loss of kidney function, emotional mood swings and memory impairment…

High Fructose Corn Syrup Contaminated with Toxic Mercury, Says Research (opinion) –  Tuesday, January 27, 2009 by: Mike Adams, NaturalNews EditorHFCS is a sweetener found in many foods and beverages, including non-diet soda pop, baked goods, and condiments. It is has become the sweetener of choice for many food manufacturers because it is considered more economical, sweeter and more easy to blend into beverages than table sugar. Some researchers have suggested that high-fructose corn syrup may contribute to an increased risk of diabetes as well as obesity, a claim which the food industry disputes.  Until now, little laboratory evidence has been available on the topic.

Soda Warning? High-fructose Corn Syrup Linked To Diabetes, New Study Suggests

Tilly’s Comment:We experience so many problems with poor health, obesity and A.D.D
that it amazes me that reports like these is not on the front page of newspapers, headlines on billboards and the topic of dicussion in TV News. And I cannot help but wonder if this is just another example of cost and profit margin protection for food manufacturers. Did you know that HFCS is far cheaper  and sweeter than normal sugar?

What you must be aware of is that it is hard to find products on the shelf without this harmful ingredient.  Next time you are buying groceries, look at the label and see how many times you find HFCS in place of sugar. HFCS is providing virtually all the sugar in soft drinks, and forming a key ingredient in cakes, frozen food, condiments, baked goods, sports drinks and even some yoghurts.

The answer? Stop eating products with HFCS!

How ?  Simply start to read the nutrition labels of products that you  buy in the supermarkets.
More easily, stay away from good tasting foods and drinks. Rather concentrate on feeding the body with nutrients that is necessary to maintain life – and not  stimulate the taste buds!

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Healthier Children

Posted by tildav on January 22, 2009

In South Africa, the under 5 mortality rate currently stands at 59. This means that 59 out every 1 000 children die between birth and five years. The infant mortality rate equates to 46 out of 1 000 children facing the prospect of dying between birth and one year of age. The neonatal mortality rate was last measured in 2004 and shows that of every 1 000 births, 17 newborns face the likelihood of dying within 28 days of birth. South Africa’s life expectancy at birth currently stands at 50.

Early care crucial for babies –Anso Thom

Tilly’s Comment:

What is more precious than the birth of a child – yours?

It must be absolutely soul destroying to lose a child at such a young age. My little one, almost four, is the joy of our lives. It is the highlight of our everyday  to see him grow and experiment. To hear him say “I love you” is a joy that can not be described with words. I just cannot begin to imagine the pain a mother must experience to lose a little one!

But then this report highlights the effect of a lack of knowledge that needs serious attention as the consequences are fatal. What is also needed will be to report on the lack of nutrition knowledge – how to feed our children in a more health conscious manner. This by far receives too little attention; maybe because the effects are only visible over a long period of time and can be just another opportunity for some corporate to gain financially.

Let’s face it if a vast majority of us suffer with hyperactive kids some company is going to gain by providing drug solutions. So the attitude of let’s give them more sugar has become acceptable!

It is time that we take the responsibility of having children more seriously. It is a litlle person that deserves the best and definitely worth the effort to make sure that we do know everything there is to know. And if we do why not help educate each other? Why wait for governments and institutions to get involved? I am sure they have their hands full. Let’s help each other to build stronger futures with healthier children!

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No Wrinkles but STUPID?

Posted by tildav on January 13, 2009

(NaturalNews) The botulinum toxin injected into the face from the popular drug Botox can move into the brain, where it may cause damage to the central nervous system, according to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Allergan Inc.’s best-selling drug Botox, used to smooth out wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles, is actually botulinum neurotoxin type A. The toxin functions by disrupting the signals of the nervous system. Botox and a different variety of botulinum toxin, marketed as Myoblocby Solstice Neurosciences, are also used to treat muscular stiffness or
spasms caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy.

After reports surfaced of people experiencing trouble breathing or swallowing after receiving injections of the toxin, the FDA added warnings to the labels of Botox and Myobloc about these effects. While the FDA has only warned of the effects in patients with
neuromuscular disorders, it has acknowledged that a risk might also be posed in other people and has launched an investigation.

Botox Injections Can Leak Botulism Toxin Into the Brain, Warn Scientists

Tilly’s Comment:

Is this not just part of the world of convenience that we live in? Or could it really be ignorance?

Taking care of our skin takes time, effort and some knowledge. Yet how many of us do take the time to learn the how’s and why’s of our own skin and our own bodies? Or do we just hope that somehow when the damage shows somebody. somewhere, somehow will have a solution, whatever it might be.

The media schooled us whilst retail opportunists feed us whatever we want to hear. I say it is time that we take the responsibility to care for what is ours – our bodies, our skin!


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Are you making your child FAT?

Posted by tildav on January 6, 2009

“New Haven, Connecticut – Overweight children are stigmatised by their peers as early as age three and even face bias from their parents and teachers, giving them a quality of life comparable to people with cancer, a new analysis concludes.

Youngsters who report teasing, rejection, bullying and other types of abuse because of their weight are two to three times more likely to report suicidal thoughts as well as to suffer from other health issues such as high blood pressure and eating disorders, researchers said.

“The stigmatisation directed at obese children by their peers, parents, educators and others is pervasive and often unrelenting,” researchers with Yale University and the University of Hawaii at Manatoa wrote in the July issue of Psychological Bulletin.

‘It is rarely challenged; it’s often ignored’

The paper was based on a review of all research on youth weight bias over the past 40 years, said lead author Rebecca M Puhl of Yale’s Rudd Centre for Food Policy and Obesity.

It comes amid a growing worldwide epidemic of child obesity. By 2010, almost 50 percent of children in North America and 38 percent of children in the European Union will be overweight, the researchers said.”

Overweight children face widespread stigma by John Christofferson

Tilly’s Comment:

So who’s responsibility is this any way? Are we as parents not suppose to teach and guide our children to become healthy, well balanced grown-ups one day?

It saddens me to see reports like this as the only solution ultimately will be some kind of ‘new found drug’ It is almost as if parents just do not care what happens to their children anymore. To me there is an attitude of ‘as long as it is convenient, quick, easy and can be bought it will be good enough for our children’ Our busy lifestyles offer no alternative after all!

So what are we busy with – Creating wealth and more convenience which result in less healthy children? What about obtaining the knowledge to know what is in the food we give our children and what foods will be more supportive of their physical and emotional well being? So they get ADD and have behavioral problems at school – is the drug solutions available today the answer or could it be that the answer is really for parents to take their responsibility with a little less focus on convenience and more on getting involved, knowing what we offer as nutrition and emotional support?

I say it is time we as parents get our priorities right again and focus on our children, their health and well being once again. It is their right, not so?

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The Drunken Runner

Posted by tildav on October 30, 2008

OK, so I am a little fanatical as far as my health is concern. So I align myself with those that is like-minded. But where are they?

Hubby is a keen runner and spend a lot of time training and doing road races on week-ends. I enjoy going with to support him and spend some time in the fresh air. And so I met other runners who loudly confess their keen interest in staying fit and ‘healthy’

But this is their fitness regime. They train everyday either running or some alternate with one day running and the next day a gym routine. Then they enter races on week-ends and engage in weekly social club events. These club events can be very interesting as you always find some expert sharing his knowledge re footwear, muscle aches, heart disease and so on.

But you never, or very seldom, find a runner at any of these events without a beer. It is amazing; some will finish a race, still out of breath and sweaty reaching for the beer at 08H00 in the morning. And the social events with all the health talk available is nothing more than just a beer drinking competition. Might I add the boerewors rolls, chips and coke ( for the none drinkers)

So maybe it is time that somebody educate runners that being healthy incorporate healthy eating and drinking habits as well – not just physical exercise. Besides physical exercise alone cannot keep you healthy.

Author: Tilly Davies

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